Rating 5.8

Enduro 13 Convector

A pocket rocket convector

Contemporary and compact, the Enduro 13 Convector is the smallest gas convector heater in our range, but its powerful output quickly heats up any small room keeping you comfortable all winter long.

The on and off countdown timers not only provide warmth when you need it most, but save both gas and money. With an easy to use control panel, the Enduro 13 Convector comes complete with low emissions technology, thermostatic set’n’forget operation and adjustable temperature settings.

With an outstanding 5.8 efficiency star rating, the Enduro 13 Convector lets you to take comfort around the home. All you need is an appropriate gas connection point.

Easy to use countdown timers

Available in Platinum and Silver

5 year piece of mind warranty

  • Economy mode - reduces running costs
  • Delay on timer
  • Delay off timer
  • Low emissions technology
  • Ideal for smaller living areas
  • Electronic thermostatic control
  • Available in platinum silver or white
  • Compatible with LPG & Natural Gas

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Dimensions (mm) : Height


Dimensions (mm) : Width


Dimensions (mm) : Depth



White or Platinum Silver

Gas Input MJ/h Low


Gas Input MJ/h High


kW Output


Heats upto Capacity (m2) : Very Cold


Heats upto Capacity (m2) : Cold


Heats upto Capacity (m2) : Cool


Heats upto Capacity (m2) : Mild


AS4553 Efficiency Star Rating


AS4553 Emmissions Star Rating NG & LPG


Economy Mode


Child Lock or Lock Button


Delay ON Timer


Delay OFF Timer (60 Minute)


Gas Type



  • What heater would suit my needs?

    What heater would suit my needs?

    You can use Rinnai’s heater selector tool listed on our website to help you in your selection.

  • What’s the difference between portable gas heaters and flued space heaters?

    What’s the difference between portable gas heaters and flued space heaters?

    Portable gas heaters range from from simple, robust radiants, to the super-economical, technologically advanced convectors. They require no installation and can be stored away when not in use. Flued space heaters comprise of Energysavers®, gas flued heaters and gas log fires. They require a flue in the installation, are designed to be fitted into an existing fireplace (for gas flued heaters and gas log fires), and are an ideal way to warm living areas while creating an attractive feature for your home.

  • What does the energy Star rating mean?

    What does the energy Star rating mean?

    Generally, the more stars, the higher the energy Star rating, the more energy efficient the product is.

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