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Rinnai is a company at the forefront of leveraging clean and renewable energy sources to enhance the quality of life for its customers. Through innovative technology and a commitment to sustainability, Rinnai has developed a range of renewable products that harness the power of nature to provide reliable and eco-friendly solutions for homes.

Rinnai’s commitment to renewable energy products not only helps homeowners save money and reduce their environmental impact but also aligns with the global push for sustainable and eco-friendly technologies. By harnessing the power of geothermal and solar energy, Rinnai empowers individuals to embrace a more sustainable and responsible approach to energy consumption while enjoying the reliability and performance that comes with these innovative technologies.

Rinnai: Harnessing Nature for a Sustainable Future

GeoFlo Hybrid

Sunmaster Range

Prestige Range

A Sustainable Future Rinnai's unwavering commitment to a sustainable future is deeply embedded in our corporate philosophy, guiding every aspect of our business operations. We are dedicated to pioneering innovative, eco-friendly technologies and products that not only enhance the quality of life for our customers but also contribute to the preservation of our planet.

HyHome | Australia's First Hydrogen Powered Home

Rinnai’s collaboration with the Australian Gas Infrastructure Group (AGIG) has introduced the groundbreaking HyHome, Australia’s pioneer hydrogen-powered residence.

This marks a significant leap into the realm of low-carbon energy solutions, providing a glimpse into the future of how Australians can efficiently power their homes and businesses. Hydrogen, an abundant and clean energy source, is set to transform the way households and enterprises operate, with Rinnai’s innovative hydrogen-powered heating and hot water appliances at the heart of this revolution.

By utilising renewable hydrogen, these appliances generate zero carbon emissions, offering an eco-friendly alternative to conventional gas and electric systems, all while ensuring the enduring comfort and efficiency Rinnai has delivered for over half a century. The collaboration with AGIG marks a thrilling step forward in the hydrogen transition, making sustainability accessible to Australian consumers.

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Solar Hot Water

Rinnai’s Solar Hot Water range, including the Sunmaster series, is engineered to harness the sun’s abundant and free energy. This eco-conscious and cost-effective solution offers three distinct types of solar hot water units: close coupled systems, flat plate systems, and evacuated tube systems. These versatile options seamlessly integrate into various home setups, making solar water heating accessible to a wide range of households. Rinnai’s hot water units are known for their innovation and top-notch quality, and the Prestige Solar Hot Water Systems continue this tradition. By making the switch from an electric storage water heater to a Rinnai Prestige Solar Water Heater, you have the potential to reduce electricity consumption, lower running costs, and significantly decrease the environmental impact of your hot water system by up to two-thirds. Choose Rinnai for a sustainable and efficient solution that benefits both your pocket and the planet.

Trusted by major utility, distribution, and manufacturing companies, our mission is to inspire our people, customers, and community with total comfort solutions. We achieve this through innovation, quality products, and superior service throughout the product life cycle.

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GeoFlo Hybrid

In the land Down Under, we’ve harnessed nature’s renewable gift lurking beneath our feet. Every day, the Earth soaks up nearly half of the sun’s energy and stores it at consistent depths, offering a perpetual wellspring of eco-friendly power.

Rinnai’s Geoflo Hybrid ²² Geothermal system takes advantage of this abundant underground energy source to efficiently fuel your home’s heating and cooling systems, ensuring a reliable and sustainable solution. Beyond temperature control, this innovative technology also channels excess energy towards providing cost-free hot water for your household, making it an all-encompassing eco-conscious choice.

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Rinnai Global Innovation Manifesto

Rinnai Australia is pioneering renewable solutions, including a hydrogen-based hot water system with zero emissions and a Geoflo Hybrid 22 geothermal system for efficient year-round heating, cooling, and free hot water. These innovations align with Rinnai’s commitment to achieving zero carbon emissions by 2050, and demonstration testing for the hydrogen technology is set to commence in South Australia and Victoria.

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