Product Recall Announcement


GHF4135N Gas Storage Water Heater recall

Rinnai Australia is undertaking a voluntary national product safety recall of a small batch of model GHF4135N Gas Storage Water Heaters manufactured during December 2022 by one of our overseas manufacturing partners.  A total of 230 appliances affected.  No other Rinnai products, including electric storage water heaters, are affected.   


It has been found that a possible assembly error on appliances in this batch may result in an internal gas connection not being adequately secured.  This may cause a small internal gas leak during operation which will stop the water operating and leave it in a safe condition.  However, any subsequent attempts by consumers at re-lighting the burner in accordance with the instructions may result in a flame flash extending beyond the boundary of the access door which presents a risk of injury.  The safety of our valued customers comes first which is why we pro-actively instigated this recall which is fully supported by the authorities.


The recall involves a free in-home check program by an authorised service technician who will confirm the security of the affected gas connection and remediate as necessary.  Importantly, if the water heater is operating normally there is no internal gas leak and it can continue to be safely used until the authorised technician completes the free in-home check.  If the water heater stops operating before the authorised technician completes the free in-home check, consumers must not attempt to relight the burner. 


A dedicated website has been set up at, as well as a toll free phone number, 1300 364 559.


The incidence of safety incidents involving Rinnai products is extremely low.  Indeed, our track record over 55 years has been excellent, and we believe our pro-active response demonstrates our reputation for standing behind the quality of our products and offering excellent customer service.