Warm Water Valve

Warm Water Valve

Meets demand.

Our Demand Duo Warm Water Valve is a circulating warm water valve designed to accept incoming hot water (60°C or more) from a hot water storage system, and deliver a reduced constant outlet temperature across a full range of flow rates with minimal pressure drop.

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Flame Fire Specialist

Climate Specialist




Suitable for apartment blocks

Hospitals and nursing homes

Aged Care facilities

  • Reduces installation cost of multiple valves
  • Lowers the cost of servicing multiple units
  • Maintenance can be fully managed in one area
  • Improved maintenance scheduling with reduced interruption
  • Better aesthetics
  • Compatible with our solar pre-heating systems.

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Suitable Applications include:

  • Large apartment blocks
  • Large Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Aged Care Facilites

The Demand Duo Warm Water Valve is approved to AS4032.1, as a thermostatic mixing valve and to AS4032.2, as a tempering valve. It is also approved as a warm water system by NSW Health.

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