Introducing the ES Series Electric Fire range

ES 1000 – Corner
ES 1000 – Corner

The ultimate in electric fires

Cutting-edge technology and innovation underpin the success and superiority of the ES Series. Providing instant heat and hyper-realistic flame patterns to your living space, the ES Series is the result of extensive research and development, meticulous attention to detail, and the highest standard of quality. With a host of unique and innovative features, these appliances are unrivalled in their class. The Rinnai ES Series provides a complete range of options to create a memorable fireplace capable of transforming your home, while adding a touch of luxury perfectly tailored to reflect your unique style. With an ultra-realistic glowing fuel bed and built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, each ES Series unit also features a seven-day programmable timer, instant head and hyper-realistic flame patterns.

Trilight Technology

Providing multi-angled, fully customisable and dynamic LED lighting to create thousands of unique colour and tonal combinations to the flames and fuel bed. Each can work in harmony with one another or can work independently, creating unique combinations and a truly unique atmosphere, all at the touch of a button. Every model in the ES range comes with six pre-set TriLight themes: Autumn Campfire, Emberglow, Inferno, Noir, Fire & Ice and Nebular.

Instant Heat at your Fingertips

Rinnai ES fires can be conveniently controlled in three ways: through your smart device, using the remote-control handset, or manually using the multi-function panel discreetly located on the appliance. Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity enhances the user experience by allowing you to use the smart app to control your fire from anywhere. The app allows you to set tailored programs, schedule on/off times, set temperatures and design custom light effects. The quick-start heat option allows you to select low heat, high heat or cool blow at the touch of a button. Adaptive smart heating allows you to schedule the exact time and date you wish to heat your room, automatically adjusting the environment to reach and maintain the desired temperature.

Smart Technology

The combination of functionality with applied smart technology creates the ultimate home heating experience. Your Rinnai ES fire will synchronise with your smart device, such as a phone or tablet, putting you in complete control. The ES Series also boasts the latest sensor technology to create Rinnai’s most efficient appliance ever, ensuring the room is heated to the correct temperature at the correct time with optimum energy usage. Like all Rinnai appliances, the ES Series of electric fires benefit from temperature detection and regulation technology; if there is a sudden drop in room temperature, perhaps caused by an open window or door, the appliance will temporarily deactivate any heating functions to avoid energy wastage and will reactivate when the window or door is closed.

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