Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water Systems


Rinnai has introduced Evacuated tube collectors to compliment our current range of solar hot water systems using ground mounted tanks.

Evacuated tube collectors offer a highly efficient solution for a solar hot water installation in regions of Australia subject to frost, as the tube collectors can withstand temperatures as low as -12˚C.

Compatible with a range of storage capacities from 175 to 320 litres, the Evacuated tubes are designed to suit both the Sunmaster and Prestige systems, making it easy to find the right setup for your home. The ground level tank minimises the impact on the aesthetics of your roof, giving you flexibility in installation.

At Rinnai, we engineer all our hot water solutions to provide maximum comfort in the home, with a comprehensive 15 year warranty on the tubes to ensure you really can relax! On top of that, solar hot water harnesses energy from the Sun so you’ll be saving money AND helping the environment.

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