Quick Recovery Electric

Electric storage

Rinnai commercial electric hot water systems are now available in a 315litre version. Similar to our famous dedicated gas continuous flow heaters these storage units are Heavy Duty to cope with the demands of commercial water heating.

Known as Quick Recovery Electric tanks they do exactly as the name suggests whenever there is a demand for hot water.

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel construction

High flow rates

Three electric elements for quick recovery

Suitable applications include:

  • Hotels and motels
  • Apartment blocks
  • Factories/process
  • Shower blocks
  • Wash down facilities
  • Commercial laundries
  • Any hot water requirement where gas is not available

We recommend the installation of a Quick Recovery electric tank system when access to gas is not a realistic proposition.  Ideally suited for a commercial building or industrial application that has a predictable volume of hot water consumption, in high flow rates, that require regular peaks of water.

Available with electric element sizes  in either 3.6kW, 4.8kW or 6.0kW there is a model with enough power to satisfy any demanding application. Quick Recovery Electric storage tanks (or as we call them QRE tanks) can be used on flow and return systems that distribute the water around a building.

This product is not available across all regions of Australia, please contact your local commercial hot water specialist with your application requirements and we will be happy to help.


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    Where to buy?

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    How do I contact Rinnai?

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