S32 Solar Booster

The S32 gas booster uses all the technological advancements of the famous INFINITY with built in intelligence for solar boosting. It is factory set at a temperature of 70 degrees Celcius and offers 32 l/min maximum flow rate to service the fixtures in your home. Years of service can be expected when used in either a Rinnai Sunmaster or Rinnai Prestige solar hot water system.

Designed specifically for solar

Never runs out of hot water

High capacity

External model built to withstand Australian conditions

12 Year Heat Exchanger warranty

Superior technology

  • Quality Japanese design and manufacturing
  • Precise temperature control for safety and convenience
  • Compact design allows installation flexibility
  • Suitable for higher ambient water temperatures
  • Compatible with low flow rated shower fixtures (3 Star - 7.0 to 9.0 l/min)

Rinnai quality

  • After sales support
  • 12 year warranty on heat exchanger


Colour White
Factory Default Temperature (Celsius) 70
Water Pressure (kPa) : Minimum 160
Water Pressure (kPa) : Maximum 1000
Gas Rate (MJ) : Maximum 250
Flow Rate (l/min) : Maximum 32
Star Rating N/A
Connection Sizes Gas/Hot/Cold (mm) 20/20/20
Status Monitor Yes
Width (mm) 470
Depth (mm) 244
Height (mm) 600
Height inc Brackets (mm) 644
Hot Water Outlet from wall (mm) 115
Hot Water Outlet left from Centre (mm) 61
Cold Water Inlet from wall (mm) 99
Cold Water Inlet right from centre (mm) 52
Gas Connection from wall (mm) 61
Gas Connection(right from centre (mm) 110
Gas Connection Length from base (mm) 41
Cold Connection Length from base (mm) 51
Hot Connection Length from base (mm) 42
Water controller compatible No

Note: Can NOT be used as a stand alone continuous flow water heater


  • How do I size a solar hot water system?

    How do I size a solar hot water system?

    The storage tank should hold a one days supply of hot water and have enough capacity to store the amount of solar energy collected by the solar collectors. Once the tank size is chosen to match household hot water use, the number of solar collectors is matched to the tank.

    For help with selection contact one of our licensed dealers or alternatively visit our store locator.

  • Why do I need a booster for my solar system and what types are available?

    Why do I need a booster for my solar system and what types are available?

    A booster is required to deliver hot water in times of low solar contribution or times of excessive hot water consumption.

    There are 2 booster options available:

    • Gas
    • Electric


  • Where to buy?

    Where to buy?

    You can use the store locator on our website to find your closest store.

  • Why use a solar (thermal) hot water system?

    Why use a solar (thermal) hot water system?

    Installing a solar hot water system has great benefits especially when replacing an electric storage tank. It can potentially reduce electricity consumption, running costs and environmental impact by 2/3rds.

    40% of a typical households electricity is used for heating water. Therefore a solar water heater can potentially reduce the overall electricity use by 25%.

    Australian electricity is predominantly generated using non renewable and dirty coal fired power stations. As well as electricity they produce carbon dioxide emissions, ash, particles and waste heat, while consuming vast quantities of water and non renewable coal.

    Rinnai solar hot water systems reduce the need for electricity and are part of many major energy reduction programs. Solar hot water systems also offset electricity just when it is needed most: Summer - as that is when air conditioners are running, loading up the electricity network.

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