Hot Water solutions

What is it?

In the early 90s Rinnai forever changed the way Australians enjoyed hot water, with our launch of the country’s first fully electronic gas continuous flow hot water systems. It was a revolutionary leap that provided total confidence and comfort by knowing that your hot water would never run out. We called it Rinnai Infinity.

What is it?

Rinnai's range of Single and Twin element Electric storage tanks, Gas storage tanks and Heat pumps are ideal solutions for easily replacing existing storage tank installations. The complete range and mix of sizing options ensure there is a hot water tank right for your application.

What is it?

Living in Australia, it only makes sense to harness the clean, inexhaustible and free supply of energy from The Sun. Our a range of highly efficient solar hot water systems help reduce your carbon footprint whilst enjoying savings. To ensure there’s always hot water for those not so sunny days, an electric or gas booster is added to the system.

Rinnai Hot Water

Our extensive range is designed to meet the needs of every Australian household. Each model has been created with specific benefits to ensure your hot water system satisfies your specific needs and demands. This includes high efficiencies, water conservation and installation versatility.

Reliability & Performance

Our latest products offer you the same great reliability and performance you have come to expect from the Rinnai brand, and now we have added extra efficiency to help further reduce your energy usage, running and installation costs all with the backing of Rinnai’s warranty offering.

Status Monitor

The front cover of the Infinity range incorporates a status operation monitor which displays the temperature the water heater is set too. In the very unlikely event of a problem, a code will display to help the service technician quickly identify and resolve the issue.

Temperature Controllers

Enhance your Rinnai Infinity water heater experience with the addition of temperature controllers. Simply set your desired water temperature, turn on the hot tap and enjoy – controllers help to conserve water and minimises temperature fluctuations.

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