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What is it?

The latest innovation in stylish home heating, the new Rinnai range of Outdoor Radiant Heaters offer exceptional quality and ultimate comfort.
Using infrared energy, these heaters send beams of warmth directly to objects and people, rather than blowing hot air like traditional heaters. Check out our full range of Outdoor Radiant Heaters and Relax with Rinnai.

What is it?

Available in 4kg and 6kg capacities, our Dry-Soft® range capitalizes on the efficient heating power of gas to outperform conventional electric dryers in every way. Thanks to their gas-heated air, the quality of the dryness and the softness of the clothes can’t be beaten. Your clothes don’t just come out softer, they come out with less wrinkles too, which means less ironing.

What is it?

Our premium range of barbeques feature the latest Integrill burner system with the unique Integrill angled grill plate and the Plancha hot plate with raised sides allows for convenient turning of food. The design of these systems mean that flame tamers aren’t required, giving you more heat and improved cooking performance, whilst using less gas.

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