Rinnai launches the new Energysaver 561FT


Rinnai is proud to announce the launch of the new Energysaver 561FT powerflued gas space heater

With Rinnai’s continuous commitment to research and development of energy efficient products we have now achieved 4.8 stars with our new Eerngysaver 561FT heaters. This means the Rinnai Energysaver 561FT will reduce energy consumption and lower running costs and it becomes the highest star rated Energysaver in the Rinnai range.

Like the new generation Rinnai Energysaver® 309FT and 559FT, suitable for  small to medium sized rooms respectively, the Rinnai Energysaver 561FT has a modern, streamlined design, and is perfect for heating medium sized rooms of up to 74m2 in cool areas.

To further reduce your gas bill, Rinnai Energysavers® feature an ‘economy’ mode, which allows the heater to modulate down after 1 hour once the desired temperature has been reached.

The range also has an inbuilt humidifier tray for superior air quality, perfect for those susceptible to allergies or respiratory problems. Handy tip: Place a drop of eucalyptus oil into the tray for a comforting experience.

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