Reduces energy costs by up to 30%

Rinnai’s revolutionary new Geoflo product is a highly efficient direct exchange geothermal system using world class technology to harness the free green renewable energy from the earth for cost effective heating and cooling of your home.

Rinnai's Geoflo system utilises the stable temperatures found underground, and extracts this as free green energy via state of the art Rinnai technology which reliably delivers highly efficient heating and cooling air conditioning comfort in your home regardless of the outside air temperature.

Geothermal heating and cooling systems tap into the abundant levels of energy stored below the earth's surface to reduce your heating and cooling costs by as much as 30 percent. Best of all, geothermal systems can be installed in any sized home or business in virtually any location.

How Geothermal works

Click on the video to discover how the Rinnai Geoflo geothermal technology works, and an explanation of how the heat pump extracts green renewable energy from the earth through a ground loop heat exchanger.

Lower energy costs

Sustainable heating & cooling

Simple maintenance

Quiet operation

5 year warranty

Extremely cost-effective
Geothermal energy is extremely affordable and can cut electricity consumption by up to 30% in comparison to a traditional ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system. Geothermal system heating and cooling performance is maintained during extreme climate conditions eliminating high seasonal energy costs.

Quiet operation
When looking for a heating and cooling system that you can’t hear, look no further than geothermal. Being very smooth and quiet in operation, geothermal systems rely on the temperature of the ground to heat and cool your home. This results in a very quiet operation with no one knowing that the system is even on.

Flexible design
Geothermal heat pump systems are designed with the user in mind. Geothermal systems can be installed in either new or retrofit applications. Since the hardware requires a lot less space than traditional HVAC systems, you can instantly save yourself some storage space in your home by switching to a geothermal system. The Condensing Unit can also be installed indoor, saving space outside your home.

Geothermal systems have a relatively low level of moving parts. With high durability and reliability, geothermal systems are becoming the way of the future for many homeowners.


System Overview
Power Supply V – Ph Hz 220-240-1-50
Cooling Rated Capacity kW 18.2
Rated Input Power kW 4.5
EER W/W 4.0
Heating Rated Heating Capacity kW 17.6
Rated Heating Input Power kW 4.0
COP W/W 4.4
Refrigerant RA10A
Pipe Connection Liquid/ Suction                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               mm 12.7 / 22.2
Condensing Unit
Model Name DOGEV17Z7
Compressor Type Scroll
Maximum Input Current A 32
Maximum Input Power kW 5.5
Outdoor Noise Level dB(A) @ 1.5m 42
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm 624 x 464 x 800
Net Weight Kg 100
Operating Temperature Limits °C -15° – 50°
Indoor Fan Unit
Model Name DIGEV17Z7
Maximum Input Current A 4.4
Maximum Input Power kW 1.5
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm 1225 x 655 x 444
Net Weight Kg 70
Air Flow L/s (ESP) 750(150Pa)
Maximum External Static Pressure Pa 200
Supply Air Duct Connection mm 1072 x 406
Return Air Duct Connection mm 718 x 264
Moisture Removal L/h 5.7

Geothermal TVC

Click on the video to view the Rinnai Geoflo geothermal television commercial, highlighting the savings and benefits of green geothermal energy.

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