Continuous innovation

Rinnai’s state-of-the-art hot water systems draw on 40 years of experience to supply a range of solutions for small, medium and large commercial applications. As you’ve come to expect, all Rinnai products are easy to install and maintain and are manufactured to the highest quality.

Furthermore, our commercial water heating systems are built around our heavy duty range of continuous flow gas heaters. These hard working units feature more resilient heat exchangers as well as a mechanical heat exchanger bypass valve and a status monitor.

The Rinnai commercial hot water systems are available with a host of options including hot water storage tanks, solar pre-heating, circulating pump controllers and BMS take off points. All this technology is even available skid mounted to provide a ‘turn key’ hot water solution.

Our commercial hot water systems are widely used throughout Schools, government buildings, apartments, offices and sports facilities, as well as hotels and commercial kitchens.

Complete systems can be pre-assembled and skid mounted in our state-of-the-art South Australian factory. By taking a modular approach, each system can be easily transported and fitted into position, which means it requires only minor fit-off before operation.

In addition, our commercial team can design a solution to meet your needs, whatever the criteria.