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Rinnai Oasis
Rinnai Oasis

Enjoy total control in your cool Rinnai Oasis

Experience the Apex of Home Comfort with Rinnai Ducted Air Conditioners

Step into a world of luxury and comfort. Rinnai’s range of advanced Ducted Air Conditioners has been meticulously designed for homeowners, renovators, and real estate investors. Boasting superior technology, environmental responsibility, and outstanding energy efficiency, our systems ensure that every corner of your home is under your control to be the optimal temperature. Experience the Rinnai’s unique blend of user-friendly control appeal and technical brilliance, and redefine your understanding of home comfort.

Unrivalled Efficiency and Control

Our units significantly outperform traditional systems, with our 20 & 24kW Ducted Reverse  Cycle system delivering three times more efficiency. With our innovative ducted inverter control, expect a seamless transition to your perfect temperature, ensuring your space is always comfortable. Plus, the ease of zone temperature control means individual comfort is just a touch away.

Sleek Design Meets Cutting-edge Technology

Sit back as our systems discreetly deliver powerful home heating and cooling, blending with the aesthetic of your interior and without interrupting the feng shui of your home. Advanced features such as Wi-Fi capabilities, programmable controllers, and compatibility with leading smart home systems offer an unparalleled user experience.

Powerful Performance, Quiet Operation.

At Rinnai, we believe luxury is experienced in the subtleties. Our Ducted Air Conditioners ensure that while they’re powerful in performance, their operation is whisper-quiet. Meaning you can enjoy a serene indoor environment without being disturbed. Coupled with the fast temperature control and easy-to-use controls, your home will be a true sanctuary of peace and comfort.

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