• Stainless steel storage tanks for longer life
  • Storage sizes of 250 and 315 litres for ease of installation
  • High grade insulation to minimise heat loss
  • Highly efficient flat plate or evacuated tube collectors
  • A dedicated, state of the art, controller to circulate the water through the collectors

Suitable Applications include:

  • Large apartment blocks
  • Large Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Aged Care Facilites


Save with STCs Rebates*

All Rinnai solar preheat systems are performance tested and modeled as a complete system. The energy savings are awarded STCs and can offer substantial rebates for commercial solar installations.


Save on Running Costs

Common practice is to select a solar pre-heat system to contribute around 50% of the annual energy required to heat an average day’s hot water. This works out to almost a 100% solar contribution in summer (depending on solar zone). These factors in conjunction with government incentives (where available) make solar pre-heating a shrewd and responsible investment.


The product information on this website (comprising product brochures, warranty information, installation manuals, diagrams, specifications and representations) relates to current products. This information may be different for superseded products. For superseded products please contact Rinnai to confirm product information.


Where to buy?

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How do I contact Rinnai?

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